Horse riding is for Everyone!

A range of horses are available for lessons, catering for beginners to advanced riders.
We are currently looking for more school ponies, should you know of any, please let us know.
Opening hours are 08:00 – 17:00 on weekdays, please book lessons in advance.
Saturday riding lessons are available on appointment. No riding lessons on a Sunday. 


Riding School Options

If you have never had horse riding lessons before, we start with an individual first time riding lesson. This lessons aim is to teach the rider the basic horse handling commands as well as safety around horses. The pace of the lesson is determined by the riders learning speed and abilities. The undivided attention of the instructor has proven to boost self-confidence.

Based on the progress of the rider a group lesson can be joined from the second lesson or alternatively the rider can start with normal individual lessons.

Zarivonco’s individual or therapeutic horse riding lessons is 30min riding lessons on your own horse or one of the school ponies. These lessons are for people who would rather ride alone or require more attention from the instructor. The lesson structure differ based on the riding abilities of individual rider.

Even though this lesson type is designed especially for handicapped riders, they are welcome to join group lessons, should their abilities allow.

Horses are herd animals and therefore very social, just like humans. While a riding school instructor are necessary, there is a great deal to learn from other riders by seeing and hearing how they handle their horse.

To promote these learning qualities and enhance the social experience we have group horse riding lessons. The groups are composed of people who are on the same riding level in order to keep the lessons safe and give each group member the best possible growth potential.

Group lessons for beginners and small children are 30 min and group lessons for advanced riders are 40 min (advanced riders can warm up their horses 20 min before the commencement of the group lesson).

Riding School Pricing

1/2 hr Introductory lesson R150/lesson
1/2 hr Individual lesson R550/month
1/2 hr Group lesson R400/month
40 min Group lesson R550/month
1/2 hr Once Off Lesson R200/lesson
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