We would like to provide each child with the opportunity to learn about horses and to care for them as if they were their own. In order to provide this service safely we have decided to create a type of horse / pony club where the children are divided into groups and visit the stable yard every week to learn and do everything equestrian related.

Pony Fun Club


Pony fun are group sessions for
Care and Learn about Horses with our instructor 30min every week
children horse and pony fun club

Horse Fun Club


Horse Fun are group sessions for CHILDREN AGED 8-13 YRS. Care and Learn about Horses with our instructor 40min every week
Activity Level
  Horse Riding10%  
  Horse Interaction70%  
About Pony and Horse Fun

Our Horse and Pony Fun Clubs aim to teach our young riders how to behave, work and care for horses / ponies. From as early as 2 years we believe children should be around horses and all of the activities are built around broaden knowledge, giving practical experience and growing a friendship relationship with your horse.

The children will experience a vet check done by a vet, caring for your horse’s feet by a farrier and fun days for the whole family where each child can show their horse handling skills.

Each Pony and Horse Fun member will receive a t-shirt and a “horse survival kit”.

Activities Include
  • Grooming of horse
  • Fetching and leading your Horse
  • Horse riding gear
  • Feeding your horse
  • Horse theory
  • Basics of horse riding
  • Fancy Dress
  • Gymkana / “Boeresport”
  • Treasure Hunt