A short introduction…

Fueled by children’s passion for horses Zarivonco horse riding school and stables were established in 2001.

With only a few ponies to start out with, the riding school started small and grew to a school with more than 20 horses with riders competing at provincial and national levels. Independent instructors / riding schools rented the stable yard and riding school from 2011 to 2013 resulting in a closed yard early in 2014, BUT we are happy to announce the return of the original ZARIVONCO horse riding school and stables.

A horse center where the focus will not lie within the amount of prizes won at shows, but rather in the friendship of horse and rider. A riding school where the greatest achievement is the progress of each individual, where specials bonds are formed and horse riding is an enjoyable activity. A stable yard where families can visit and enjoy horses and all these magnificent animals have to offer.


Welcome to Zarivonco Horse Riding School and Stables

An environment where God’s love for others and the enjoyment of nature are tangible. A place where riders and visitors feel at home and experience the effect of the horse-and-man relationship on physical, emotional and cognitive level.

  • Relaxed environment
  • Hartbeespoort’s beautiful scenery
  • Learn about horses and horse care
  • Interact with horses
  • Therapeutic benefits of horse riding
  • Friendly family stable yard
About us

The Stable Yard


Nestled between the Magaliesberg mountains and the witwatersrand mountain range lies a town called Hartbeespoort. On the eastern side of town is a smallholding and the home of Zarivonco horse riding school and stables.
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Our Horses


We love and respect our horses, are thankful for the time we had with the ones that are gone and welcome our new family members.
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